I just wanted to say publicly you are the best mastering engineer in the business, thanks for all the work over the years

Jamie Bissmire, Space DJz/Bandulu

My manager, assistant and all my musician friends love what they hear. They told me they frequently get tired when they listen to other artists’ tracks at high volume levels but it wasn’t occurring on these masters. It all sounds really clear, musical and all tracks have great harmony with each other.

Mustafa Ceceli

Thanks again for the fantastic work, Chris. You really took the sound onto another level, the tracks are absolutely thumping now. This is the most creative mastering job I’ve heard; you knew exactly the sound I was after in each track, and gave them presence and depth without smashing them to pieces. Looking forward to working with you again on the next record (and the one after that, and the next after that….)

Mark Cox, Interposition, Boston USA

Fast and excellent work, expected nothing less :)

Bas Mooy, Audio Assault

Hi Chris, started listening to the remasters yesterday – really, really happy with the results!.. thanks a lot for the hard work you’ve put into this – speak later, U.

Ulrich Schnauss

That’s exactly what I wanted! Supreme sweetening Chris. All the problems are gone.

Mark Rutherford, Repeat Repeat, Soma.

I only have one word: Fabulous. I attended quite a few mastering sessions over the years and none of the people I worked with came even close to the quality you’ve produced on those 4 tracks. Look forward to working together again in the near future


I’m a bit emotional….I mean really!! Its never happened to me that someone has taken care or respected anything I’ve done. I was sitting here trying to write comments, but its all just nonsense and there is nothing to say except you are my mastering engineer Forever and ever!

Chris Cowie, Hook/Bellboy Records

The silkiness you brought to the track is simply amazing.

Cesar Funck

Chris has the ability to make my tracks come alive, he seems to instinctively understand what I need. He’s on the button every time

Ade Fenton, Producer for Gary Numan and resident DJ at Atomic Jam.

Once again a brilliant job and I am very happy with the work

Kiran Zimman

Absolutely stunning job Chris, thank you. I will definitely be in touch when I need other tracks doing, Chris you’ve done a fantastic job for me at a killer price

Mike Mawe

This is the nicest and tightest mastering for digital download I have ever had done on my tracks. There’s an almost indescribable sheen of quality over them. They are alive and there’s plenty of movement in the sound. Any bits I wasn’t happy with on my mixdowns have now been smoothed out. I feel a palpable sense of relief that I now have someone I can work with regularly who will get the job to a high standard and maintain the feeling in my music.

Danny Berman, Red Rack’em/Hot Coins/Marlinspike

Sounds f**king amazing! I don’t know what you have done but I want to listen to it again and again. The basses are deep and warm, everything just seems to be really smooth and silky. Obviously there must be some better superlatives to describe this!

Matt Culpin, Northern Kind

Having you do our mastering was one of the best moves I’ve made for the label!

Jack Coleman, Subsensory

Thanks for your advice and tips, it’s really good how you go ahead and master it but pick things up and say “maybe the track needs this or maybe a bit of that, see what you think and send it back and we will get it even better, any one else I’ve found just says “wheres the money, see you later where as you want to make it the best it can be

Adam Voysey

A few quotes about Chris McCormack, the producer

The production beggars belief for both punch and clarity

Informed magazine

The freshest producer around

Ministry Magazine

When you put a Chris McCormack record on, it just kicks ass, everything he does is just so well thought out and produced. He’s there, his records are on fire

Cisco Ferreria, The Advent

A masterful album of huge variety


One of the most beautiful albums I have ever heard in my life

Artists interviews USA

A Stunning work

5/5 – DJ magazine


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