Chris McCormack

A little about myself and my philosophy

I’m a friendly, approachable person and you can always speak to me directly, either on the phone or on email. I don’t ask for payments until you have heard something you are happy with. If I don't feel I can provide something good with the base mix, I will either provide you the advice you need to resubmit, providing the mix is otherwise in good shape, or I won't get involved mastering the record at all. I'm not just going to take your money first and shrug my shoulders later.

I’m not a fan of 30 second samples, previews with white noise bursts, samples sent back as mp3’s or anything else that creates unnecessary barriers to a straight forward service.

I believe in establishing good long term relationships, in sharing common knowledge and I believe in open and honest dialogue with everyone. I work with people from all walks of life, many of whom have enjoyed long and successful careers in music. A small selection of my clients can be found here.

Above everything else though, I simply believe in good sounding music.

The room I work from was put together solely for mastering. I don’t offer “mix and mastering” packages, duplication, a confusing or hyped price menu, long winded forms to fill out or requests for payment before you even get to speak to me. I don’t proclaim I can make your music sound better if I have not heard it, but if the mix is fundamentally right, I can hopefully give you the sound you always wanted. I don’t believe that turning something up to the point of distortion and handing it back to you is what mastering is, and I won’t accept your money just to do that. My goal is to bring more of the music out in your music, and at a good level.

My satisfaction and the pride I feel when I receive great feedback is as important to me as anything in life.

I'm a seasoned mix engineer and I understand the chain from the very first note to the final eq adjustment, with all the pain and problems in between. I have a room which sounds big, tight, even and ruthlessly revealing. It’s presents music in a way that is beyond any typical mix room I know of, and I can tell you things about your mixes that you probably were not even aware of. In fact, it is the best sounding room I have ever worked in. I’ve had producers at the studio who sat in the chair to briefly check a mix, went on a musical journey and didn’t get up for two hours. I like days like those.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a deep obsession with music, mixes and the way sound affects us all. I honestly don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have music and I’m sure you feel the same reading this.

I was born in ’73, studied for a degree in Physics, then promptly put it to one side, went back to the studio and released my first record, back in the summer of 1994. I enjoyed a nice career writing music and continued what I considered to be the real learning process of my life, in front of a pair of speakers.

Along the way I received many single and albums of the month in various magazines, was nominated for best newcomer at the Music Machina awards and short listed for techno record of the year in Music Magazine. Fun times.

Now I master records and nothing else -
It’s the best job in the world.

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