I’m interested in having you master something for me, what’s next?

Send me an email or give me a ring. Tell me a little about your project and include a link to the track(s). If the mixes are in good shape, I’ll send you back something to listen to and you can decide if you want to proceed.

Don’t forget to include all relevant information. For example if you require additional masters suitable for vinyl.

I prefer wetransfer, but can also accept any of the file senders, dropbox, soundcloud etc.

Things to check on the mixes

You can leave processors on the Master bus if you feel they are adding something to the music, but please no limiters or eq’s. I’m not adverse to compression applied for musical reasons, but I use good analogue hardware and can often do a better job than typical plugs. Feel free to include two versions if you want me to choose the best version to work from.

24 bit/44.1khz is ideal for digital release, but I can accept all bit depths and sample rates. For sync/broadcast, you may be better at 48khz. If unsure, check with the end user of your music for their preferred sample rates.

Give me some headroom to work with. By this I mean, don’t just push the mixes into 0db because you can. Try and be mindful of the gain structure within the mix if you find the master bus is peaking at 0db. Ideally, somewhere around -6db peak is great, but don’t lose sleep over it – make the mix sound good first and be sensible with levels in the mix. If there are problems, I will advise once I have heard the mix.

If you are unsure about anything, call me or email me for advice, I’m always happy to chat.

What if I am not happy with the master?

You never have to worry about this. It’s a rare thing I’m glad to say, but if you are not happy, just tell me why and if what you want is possible, I will make a revision. There are no additional charges for this.

What is the turnaround time?

Anywhere from same day to a week. Workloads vary an awful lot. If the project is urgent then do let me know, I may be able to get you the masters back within the deadline anyway.

How do I pay?

I accept Paypal and bank transfer, both domestic and international. I can also accept western union and cheque if these are the only other options. Payment is only requested after you have heard something and are happy I am the right person for the job.

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